Why French people do not like their job

Nearly two-thirds of French people have a bad opinion of their working environment. Obsolete methods, outdated tools... Sharp studies the many factors that cause low motivation of employees.

65 %

65% of French employees have negative feelings about their place of work.

The study, conducted by Sharp among 6,000 professionals across Europe, reveals that the French describe their work environment as "uninspiring". Among the terms used to describe their office are negative adjectives such as "dark", "oppressive" or "toxic". Nevertheless, 38% of respondents find their work environment "quiet", and only 10% find it "boring".

25 %
Only 25% of professionals describe their work environment as "motivating".

Among the reasons given for this pessimism, nearly a quarter of the French (23%) talk about outdated methods and tools of work as sources of frustration. Also, 29% report too much time spent on wearisome administrative tasks, and 30% mention that employees refuse to speak directly and favor e-mail to communicate.

57 %
57% say that their office is not inspiring or is boring.

Technological tools are equally considered a barrier, a bone of contention and frustration. Thus, French professionals estimate that they are frustrated at least three times a day on average because of technologies unsuitable for their needs.

52 %

More than half of respondents consider that technology, within their work environment, is "restrictive" and represents an obstacle to their creativity.

This leads 35% of the respondents to regularly claim that the technological tools are defective for not having to use them, and for 46% to use their own smartphone, tablet or other device rather than those provided by their employer.

36 %

36% would be more motivated if their office was at the cutting edge of technology.

Les collaborateurs de la génération Y ont grandi avec le numérique, ils ont donc sont les premiers à dire qu'ils seraient bien plus motivés pour travailler si leur entreprise mettait à leur disposition des technologies plus récentes - c'est le cas de 43% d'entre eux.

Sharp - Unlock

Sharp's study shows that the French are far from being satisfied with their working conditions. This is not a surprising finding because the expectations of employees evolve according to Arnaud Devigne, General Director of Indeed France. More mobile, more volatile, they strive for flexibility in work organization including an inspiring and collaborative working environment.


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