Luxury Brand Communication and Marketing

Create campaigns for the world’s most luxurious brands.

Paris’s Program

A work-study (alternance) is possible with this program

Study Luxury in the Heart of Paris
Whoever does not visit Paris regularly will never really be elegant. – Honoré de Balzac
France is a clear world leader in all things luxury making a Luxury Brand Communication program a perfect fit for INSEEC School of Communications with its Paris location and its connections with industry professionals. This city is the perfect place to learn about luxury market through classes and projects as well as visits.

This program teaches students to define a corporate business strategy and to coordinate the implementation of marketing and communication actions using the specific codes of the luxury sector. Recruiters are thrilled that our graduates have mastered, by the end of this program, the codes and specific tools used across all luxury brand markets.This 4 th year program is the first step into the world of luxury. It explores various topics such as brand management, product development, media and strategic planning, digital marketing, public relations, merchandising, event planning through the lens of luxury brands.
There is a strong focus on fashion, fashion accessories, and watches with courses dedicated to the Luxury hotels sector as well. Other topics include design, well-being and, of course, the food industry (wine and champagne).

This program taught completely in English is delivered by professionals working in the luxury field both in France and abroad which allows our students a behind the scenes view of a luxury workplace and while at the same time building their professional networks. Our alumni are working in world-renowned luxury brands and boutique agencies specialized in the luxury sector.
Here a few from recent years: BETC Luxe, Publicis, Mazarine, DDB, Babel, Ohlalarp, BMW, Hermès, Chanel, Cartier, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Le Plaza Athénée, L’Hôtel de Crillon, le Shangri La, Le Mandarin Oriental, Frank Sorbier, Christian Louboutin, Jean Paul Gaultier, Lanvin, Sisley, Richemont, LVMH, Chloé, Groupe Le Printemps…This program consists of classes (M-W) from the beginning of September until the mid-January followed by a work experience and a thesis which students will defend the following September.

Students have the option to complete their work experience to one of two ways.Students can complete a 6-month internship anywhere in the world (with the possibility of an ERASMUS+ grant for those who stay in Europe outside of France). Students may also sign a work-study contract (alternance).

This program is recognized by the French government (RNCP) and culminates in a “Responsable de Communication et de Publicité, certification de niveau II”, certification.

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